• International Justice Mission
  • The Bowery Mission
  • Nomi Network
  • A Rocha International
  • MinKwon Center for Community Action
  • Rising Tide Capital
  • Liberty In North Korea
  • iMentor
  • Nuru International
  • Manhattan Christian Academy


The Grace and Mercy Foundation believes in supporting those who are under-served, especially the poor and marginalized. We do so by investing in organizations and equipping leaders with the resources they need to thrive.The people and organizations we partner with have roles on the “front-lines” where they bring light and life to their communities through dedication to their respective causes. We bolster their efforts by providing:

Material resources can be a useful tool in affecting change so we joyfully invest them.

Especially when challenges come, having support from others helps. We hope to be part of that community of support for our grantees.

We gladly share and recommend resources that have shaped our understanding of the bigger picture.

When need, opportunity, and ability are aligned, we help identify key steps or factors that could boost an organization’s progress.

We facilitate collaboration as we see opportunities for partnerships arise that will benefit all those involved.

Our hope in reinforcing our grantees efforts is to see a clearer reflection in this world of a better world that will one day be fully realized, a world that both captivates us and inspires us.