Our Approach

Our approach to grant making resembles that of thoughtful investors. Not only do we work with organizations that bring tangible value to their communities, but we also target overlooked or underfunded opportunities that leverage our financial, experiential, and human capital. Of particular interest are nonprofits that value honest dialogue, careful assessment, and transformative change. We believe lasting change is possible only by restoring dignity to the individual, prosperity to the community, and hope to the world. 

Our Distinctives

Faith-led: What we believe shapes our desire to see flourishing communities where people have meaningful relationships and vocations.

Opportunity-minded: We tailor our approach to each issue in light of needs that arise from changing circumstances.

Relationally-driven: To us, the people behind work that matters matter just as much as the work itself. 

Our Resources

Financial: We invest funds with the hope of seeing a greater tangible and intangible return.

Social: We want to encourage our grantees and facilitate collaborations where possible, helping organizations learn from one another.

Experiential: We gladly share our perspective and help identify strategies that foster sustained growth.