Our Initiatives

We hope to serve those in our community, both grantees and friends, through the following initiatives.

Public Reading of Scripture
    Inspired by Nehemiah 8 in the Bible, we believe in the importance of gathering God's people corporately to listen and respond to the reading of God's Word. The Bible was read aloud in public during worship, allowing worshippers to hear God's word personally. We aim to restore this important role of the Bible by encouraging others to implement corporate readings of scripture in their own communities. These gatherings can be as simple as beginning with a brief introduction to the selected passages, followed by a time of listening to the Scriptures and prayer. 
Just Show Up Book Clubs
    Many people today cannot find the time to read books in their daily lives. Though reading often gets set aside in the midst of busy schedules, we think it is important to read good literature for growth and enjoyment. Instead of a traditional book club with required reading, we meet to listen to audiobooks and enjoy them together. In this structure, people can participate in a book club and share their opinions comfortably in a pleasant surrounding without incurring burdens. All participants have to do is just show up! 

To learn more about these initiatives, contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it